Following Jesus

Accepting Jesus Christ into your life is the best decision you can ever make! If you have accepted Christ for the first time or recently rededicated your life to following Him, it’s important to take steps to start growing in your faith. Here are some things you can begin doing:



Spending time with God is setting aside time for prayer, reading Scripture, and worship. Be sure to get a Bible to start learning more about God. You can also download a Bible app on your mobile device. As you pray and read Scripture, write down the things that God teaches somewhere you can later retrieve them, such as a journal or note application.


In order to grow, you will need to connect with others. The best way to get involved is by joining a small group or a service team. Small groups will allow you to grow while building relationships. Service teams allow you to grow by serving God and others. Small groups and service teams will allow you to be around others who are also seeking to grow in their faith.



Baptism is the next step after accepting Jesus Christ. Baptism is a public declaration of a personal decision to believe in Jesus Christ. It is also a way that your friends, family, and the church can celebrate with you.  


Attending The Bridge’s Sunday worship experience allows you to worship God and be exposed to sound and relevant teaching from Scripture. Worshipping regularly with others helps to strengthen our faith. You can also make an impact by inviting others to attend with you. Someone just may decide to come one week and eventually accept Jesus Christ in the same manner as you.